Omeleshe dance group
vulnerable children 1Omaleshe; Working with Vulnerable Children.

We run regular Classes teaching dance and drumming to vulnerable children, children affected by the HIV pandemic and children with Special Needs.

There is evidence that dance can be used as an effective approach to dealing with grief and sorrow and as a way of building up confidence and self esteem. The teaching also focuses in an informal and non threatening way on promoting self protection and awareness of abuse. It brings energy and joy to those participating and, as it is grounded in African tradition, affirms the children’s cultural heritage, in a country which previously was run under an apartheid regime, gaining independence in 1990.vulnerable children 2

Our classes include:
  • twice weekly in the settlement of Oneshila which over 90 children regularly attend
  • weekly with hearing and visually impaired children at their special needs school
  • twice weekly with under sixes children at their nurseries
  • weekend workshops for teenage girls living in school hostels
  • classes for children with Down’s Syndrome

vulnerable children 4vulnerable children 3
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