Omeleshe dance group
omaleshe impact 1Impact
  • The workshops are an effective way to educate the children in the dangers of HIV/AIDS
  • The workshops create a culture of personal responsibility and ambition
  • There have been no unplanned pregnancies with the Omaleshe dance group in the past two years
  • All classes are in English which develops language capability and confidence in the children, especially as all schools and exams are in English
  • It gives the children an out of school activity, in an area where there are none, and keeps them off the street and out of mischief

Impact at a Personal Level

omaleshe impact 2The following verbatim comments come from girls taking part in the dance and drumming classes:
  • it is good for me because I chance to put my body in shape and to practise my golden voice'
  • 'I learn how to look after myself and other kids at the centre and not to be involved in sexual intercourse'
  • 'when i dance it make me feel good'
  • 'it makes my body strong'
  • 'it is good for me always to help children'
  • 'it is fun, a person can learn through it. It feels like I'm exercising in a different way.'
  • 'I was in the group in 2004 and left then came back cause I could not live without it. I follow my sisters and my sisters follow me.'
  • 'it keeps me fit and healthy. I also do it because I LOVE doing it’
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